Process / Step 5

Commit to an Installation Timeline

Coordination between serving schedules, holidays, and trades is essential to avoid change orders and service distruption.

Your installation timeline will be implemented around your schedule. We can install at night and on weekends. Coordinate with your DPW and your servery hours will allow us to minimize disruption. A punch list will be completed to your satisfaction.

DFAC Update installations require a tightly managed sequence of operations:

  • Assigned project manager from beginning to your acceptance of the work.
  • Verification of CAD drawings against field conditions.
  • Close scoping of available utilities.
  • Close partnership with DPW to execute installation with their coordination.
  • Removal of existing, delivery of new and set in place and remove debris.
  • Where new utilities are necessary, all of that is coordinated before the equipment arrives.
  • Installation can take place over a long three day weekend, or at night, in stages to accommodate the meal times.

DFAC Update stays on-site until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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