About DFAC Update

DFAC Update leads a team of food service equipment and planning industry partners.

Dietary Equipment Co.

Columbia, SC

Dietary Equipment has held a GSA contract since 1998 and has been providing full turnkey kitchen equipment solutions for dining facilities, galleys and chow halls domestically and around the world from Afghanistan to Djibouti and from Honduras to Greenland.

From prep equipment to refrigeration, cooking, serving and cleaning kitchen equipment , we can replace one or do a whole area. Supporting all branches of the Defense Department and providing complete lifecycle support, Dietary Equipment can design, budget, install and provide warranty service to you.

Matching each transaction with service, we want to support and improve your facilities. Do you need and energy audit? How about a DFAC modernization? A casual restaurant type makeover? Do you have a critical piece of equipment that keeps failing? Is your dishroom layout the most efficient? Call us, you’ll be glad you did!

Visit dietaryequipment.net to learn more.