Process / Step 3

Envision Interior Concepts

Accurately rendered 3D visualizations depict lighting, materials, and colors.

Raised on an abundance and variety of dining options – from fast food, to quick serve, to sit down restaurants – today’s warfighters expect more than the traditional “institutional” cafeteria experience. Our design process addresses that mandate with clarity and accuracy.

Stakeholder buy-in is essential to the forward trajectory and long-term success of and DFAC update. So, after we finalize the heavy lifting of space planning and locating services and equipment, we convey the “look and feel” of our design proposals through a series of life-like three-dimensional computer renderings that depict signage, seating, graphics, menu systems, and interior finishes.

  • DFAC Camp Lejeune
    DFAC Camp Lejeune

Our design team provides options for:

  • A modern color palette that integrates the floor, wall, and ceiling finishes with a serving line and lighting package
  • A cohesive decor package that addresses window treatments, partitions, signage, and artwork/graphics
  • Seating areas that are multi-dimensional: alcoves, benches, two and four tops are all part of the mix along with reworked notions of throwback ideas such as the communal table.

These renderings are quickly prepared and revised to address stakeholder input and serve as touchstones for the final installation.

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