Process / Step 1

Survey the Need

Building services pose immediate challenges, so locate surprises before design begins.

In order to make informed design recommendations, we first conduct a site survey. This locates all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems that could potentially impact the position and routing of new furnishings and equipment.

The Physical Plant

With an accurate drawing for reference, we can have legitimate discussions about the needs typically uncovered in the early stages of our process:

  • Wait times for prepared or personalized food orders
  • “Institutional” seating areas which undermine the dining experience
  • Uneven or poorly-lit serving lines and dining areas
  • Uncomfortable and utilitarian seating
  • Serving lines that lack a focal point
  • Signage that contributes to chaotic traffic flow
  • Decor reminiscent of a bygone era

Policy & Market Directives

Michael Williams, Senior Policy Advisor at the Pentagon, says “DFACs must have a product that provides healthy, likeable food choices, that provide better service, and is the preferred choice.”