Process / Step 2

Create Menu & Equipment Concepts

Engaging personnel with healthy and delicious food and drink options ensures increased utilization.

To achieve parity of outcome with dining area and servery updates, we consult with you on efficient equipment planning and the design of nutritious and varied menus options.

Point of Interest concepts include:

  • Juice and smoothie bars, high in demand for their flavor and nutritional profiles
  • Protein- and vegetable-centric Mongolian stir fries with an added benefit of freshness and quick preparation
  • All-hour breakfast bars that build on the success of McDonald’s increased sales and traffic
  • Displays of fragrant herbs that demonstrate a commitment to renewables and fresh product
  • Individual salad bowls that grant diners portion and ingredient control
  • Gluten-free “outposts”
  • Techology and entertainment amenities: home movies, media centers, charging stations, and fully-outfitted meeting rooms.

DFAC Update weaves these diverse concepts to a cohesive and inviting dining experience that increases utilization.

We are your partner in implementing healthier DFAC practices:

  • Optimizing Initial Military Training (IMT) health, performance, and resilience (mental and physical) through menu and vending options, meal preparation and serving, and education.
  • Deploying creative fueling concepts such as: conducting performance nutrition education (BCT POI), increasing availability of nutrient dense menu options, placing important fueling foods in prominent locations, and enhancing DFACs with hydration stations.
  • Standardizing nutrition education by color-coding foods on the serving line are high performance foods (green label), moderate performance foods (yellow label) and low performance foods (red label).

DFAC Update delivers practical input on recipes, menus, and product selection for menus and great-tasting recipes that taste great AND meet nutrition standards in order to positively impact health and development.

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